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"Well, aren’t we the lucky ones!"

Downton Abbey: Mary and Matthew Crawley

Season 4 Ep. 6 & Season 2 Christmas Special

A Valentine’s Day Special Edit: A gifset of my favorite scene in S4 of Downton

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"I’m just so grateful we get to have a last season to really just end it the way the writers deserve to end it, but also to thank you guys for your support and it is just so amazing that a sitcom could have fans like you guys. It’s really so touching." - Alyson Hannigan

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I saw James in Regent Street apple store today.

He is as perfect as I thought… I am so happy that I could die *sob


Watching Another Country (1984) has made me realize that I can condense all my dating advice for men into one dictum: model yourselves after any Colin Firth character in pretty much any movie ever, and I will want to sleep with you. If you happened to physically resemble Colin Firth, that wouldn’t hurt either.

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Season Four Portraits from Season 4 Press Pack

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